Residents Near Fremont Troll Discover Sheep Skulls Strewn Across Their Yard

Apparently the Fremont Troll had a feast last night, because residents near the statue found 12 skinned sheep skulls on their yard.

Officers responded to the call around 2:30 a.m. this morning at Troll Avenue and N. 36th St. where they discovered the bloody heads—two of which were resting on a porch.

According to the SPD report, "One of the residents told officers he had 'run off' some 'neighborhood kids' the previous night, and believed they may be responsible for the skullduggery."

The skulls were promptly thrown in the trash—so be sure check the dumpsters around there if you want to make your next death metal show super intense.

If your morbid curiousity has gotten the best of you, you can see the photos the Fremont residents posted of the grisly scene here.

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