10 Good Reasons to Celebrate 20 Great Years of Neumos

There are a lot of great things about Neumos, the club that’s anchored Capitol Hill’s live-music scene for a decade now. It’s fitting, then, that Neumos and its attached Moe Bar will share a b-day celebration—a ridiculously excellent week of performances by Telekinesis, the Thermals, and the Posies, who will play Frosting on the Beater. Shows are $15 each or two for $20, which seems like a gift to Seattle as much as to Neumos.

In celebration, here are 10 things to love about the venue: 1. A diverse booking roster where punk rock sits beside hip-hop. 2. The room’s vibe walks the line between upscale and dive, providing a comfortable spot for metalheads and rappers alike. 3. Whether EDM or neo-folk, bands at Neumos sound great—and at varying volumes. 4. You can see the stage just fine from anywhere, plus there’s an upstairs area for the vertically challenged who get there early enough to snag a primo spot. 5. Despite what’s happening in the showroom, you can pop into Moe Bar for a drink without feeling like you’re in a rock club, because, well, you’re not. 6. At the attached Pike Street Fish Fry, you can get your munch on before you head in for a show—or even better, on your way out. Travel + Leisure even put the spot on their list of “Best Fries in the U.S.” And sometimes they give them away for free! 7. Even if you don’t live on Capitol Hill, you can’t beat the club’s proximity to other neighborhood hotspots and the availability of street parking. 8. There’s history in the walls: The original Mo’Roc’N Café hosted a who’s-who of ’90s acts (and even Bill Clinton) before shutting down in ’97 and reopening under a new (er, Neu) moniker. 9. If you like your live venues a bit more intimate, Neumos’ underground sister Barboza boasts an equally diverse lineup. 10. An ample backstage may be a facet of the venue most showgoers don’t experience, but with its old-school arcade games and comfy band rooms, keeping bands happy hopefully translates into better live shows. With Goodness, Truly, Hey Marseilles, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo. Neumos, 925 E. Pike St., 709-9951, neumos.com. 8 p.m. $15. Thurs., Jan. 9–Thurs., Jan. 16.

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