Live Tonight: Rev. Horten Heat, Telekinesis, Blake Noble, GreenhornBluehorn

With each performance, Blake Noble reinvents the traditional image of a one-man band. While strumming and/or tapping his 12-string guitar, which doubles as a percussive instrument, Noble sticks to his Aussie roots (he moved to Seattle in 2012) and incorporates the yidaki, or didgeridoo, into his set. Its deep, warbling bellow adds an otherworldly aspect to the more familiar acoustic guitar. With Planes on Paper, The Holy Broke. Conor Byrne. 9 p.m. $8. 21 and over. AZARIA C. PODPLESKY

Telekinesis, Moe 20 Neumos 10 Show Anniversary, Neumos. See our preview here .

Reverend Horton Heat On its newest album, Rev—due out Jan. 21— the Reverend himself, Jim Heath, got back to doing what he does best, playing Chuck Berry–style guitar licks over Eddie Cochran rhythms, delivered at warp speed with a heavy dose of punk-rock spirit. Heath didn’t invent psychobilly; that was done years before he hit the scene by an underground contingent of garage bands around England (also, arguably, by the Cramps). He also didn’t bring back ’50s rockabilly to America; that was popularized by Brian Setzer and his band the Stray Cats earlier in the decade. What Heath has done, and continues to do, is marry the two concepts in a way no one else can. The Rev’s music is dirty, raw, and in-your-face, but there’s also a purity and finesse to it that can’t be denied. Let us now bow our heads. With Nekromantix, Old Man Markley. Showbox at the Market. 8 p.m. $21.50 adv./$25 DOS. CORBIN REIFF

Even when the songs on GreenhornBluehorn’s self-titled EP slip into clap-and-stomp, hoot-and-holler territory, the rich vocal harmonies of brothers Brent and Chris Antal, both of whom also play guitar, are still calming. Bassist James Fairchild and Shane McDonald on keys add even more warmth to the band’s folk tunes—especially “Bag of Bones,” which earned a spot, and rightly so, on Ball of Wax Vol. 32, a recent compilation of Seattle talent. With Black Giraffe, Vigilante Santos. Waid’s, 1212 E. Jefferson St., 328-6493. 9:30 p.m. $5. 21 and over. ACP

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