Miss Casey Carter Celebrates Three Years of Covering (and Uncovering) Northwest Hip-hop

In the three years since its launch, Casey Carter’s website (misscaseycarter.com) has become a go-to source for news about hip-hop culture in the Pacific Northwest. It began as a blog in 2009 after, Carter says, “I just realized one day I know a lot . . . why not comment on it?” The project soon took on a life of its own, and has grown to include a team of writers who cover not just music but lifestyle as well. There is, of course, celebrity gossip, fashion news, and other trappings of mainstream hip-hop, yet Carter has landed interviews with major artists like Big K.R.I.T, Waka Flocka, and Curren$y, centering the site’s focus on hip-hop and discovering up-and-coming artists from Seattle and beyond.

Carter and her team take their job seriously, and she’s not shy to promote what she believes to be its unique tastemaking abilities. “Everything we throw up, blows up,” says the site’s motto. For the anniversary show, Carter curated a showcase of “the hardest-working, most-talked-about local acts” from 2013, rappers that she and her writers have followed for some time and hope will “make it.” Carter explains, “I may not make music, but I see all the things that go into the career. All the hard work and dedication it takes. All the time you have to put in, and the money too. Studio time isn’t cheap, and neither is mixing, mastering, or artwork.” The perspective is valuable: Listeners need to know that what’s enjoyable to them was born from someone else’s sweat and tears. (The site explored the idea further in an October post about the full-time jobs held by a dozen local hip-hop artists: Jarv Dee, for example—who’s hosting tonight’s showcase—is an ironworker).

With such a stacked bill, no doubt other interesting facts about Jet City’s hard-working rappers will come to light tonight. Well, that, and probably a little self-promotion on the side. “We want to show the world that there’s more to the West Coast than just California, and that Seattle has more to offer than coffee, weed, and Macklemore.” With Dave B, Cam the Mac, Kung Foo Grip, Porter Ray, Thaddeus David, Sam Lachow, Romaro Franceswa, Cassow. The Crocodile, 2200 Second Ave., 441-4618, thecrocodile.com. 8 p.m. $8. Free to first 206 guests. Mon., Jan. 20.

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