After Moving From Brooklyn to Seattle, Augustines Trade Soft for Loud on Latest LP

Augustines, Augustines (out now, Oxcart Records,

Originally based in Brooklyn, Augustines (formerly We Are Augustines) relocated to Seattle last year; after months in the studio, the band recently produced this sophomore album. This time, the changes in name and home base aren’t the only things different about the group, who spent the majority of the fall touring with emotive indie rockers Frightened Rabbit (and whose knack for emphatic anthems is definitely heard here). While the soft, indie-rock vibes so many fell in love with on 2011’s Rise Ye Sunken Ships remain (see “Weary Eyes”), Augustines reveals a fuller, more rock-influenced sound. You’ll hear it best on tracks like “Cruel City” and “Now You Are Free,” both of which could work seamlessly as arena-ready sing-alongs. The band has found a way to package Ships’ raw and muted moments with a new kinetic energy that drills the feeling home.

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