News Pics Provide First Look Inside the Remodeled Comet Tavern

Last November, Lost Lake owners David Meinert and Jason Lajuenesse bought Capitol Hill's favorite rock and roll dirty toilet bar, Comet Tavern.

The acquisition came after former owner Brian Balodis bungled the bar's finances, leading to its abrupt closure in October.

After word of Meinert and Lajeunesse's purchase spread, many Seattle denizens expressed fear that the slated renovations to the Comet might make the lovably filthy Tavern too nice—the management duo also own the 5 Point Cafe, Big Mario's New York Style Pizzeria, Neumos and Captiol Hill Block Party between them—organizations that are notably clean and free of charming vomit stains for the most part.

"We plan to continue to have some live music, but not every night of the week. We will revive much of the Comet’s lost charms, from pool tables, to pinball games, to a karaoke night, while introducing a small food menu for the first time in the Comet’s history," said Jason Lajeunesse in a press release at the time.

Now, roughly three months later, Comet Tavern's Facebook page has posted images of the renovations inside. Comments on the thread alternately praise the renovations and decry the death of Comet Tavern as we knew it. You be the judge.

Note: the missing stage. "Bands are going to play on the floor, house party style," the Comet FB posted.

The Comet is reportedly slated for a reopening late March/Early April.

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