A Special 'Back' Themed Tunesday: with Kairos, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, and Bumbershoot

Lena Simon's Back Stars in Kairos' New Video "Can/Cannot"

It's finally starting to get sunny in our fair, rain-soaked hamlet of Seattle. Kairos' last single "Undermine" was perfect for a "potential snow day" back in December, and now zinging forward into April, "Can/Cannot" provides a dreamy backdrop for a shining Spring day.

In the video for the single, released yesterday, we follow frontwoman Lena Simon as she walks around town and eventually arrives at a party full of friends. When I say we "follow" her, I mean that as literally as possible—much of the video has you directly behind Simon's back.

Speaking of Backs...

Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon announced that "Baby Got Back" famous Sir-Mix-A-Lot will serve as the race's second headliner after The Presidents of the United States of America. The bands will perform at the finish line of the race underneath the Space Needle on June 21.

Bumbershoot Bringing Mainstage Back to Memorial Stadium

Straight from the Bumberhorse's mouth:

"After three years at KeyArena, the Mainstage is shifting back to Memorial Stadium in a fresh configuration designed to better serve Festival patrons. The new layout — with the primary stage located on the north side of the field rather than the western end zone — is planned to allow for the venue to be open all day (e.g. no forced entry and exit times, except after the final act of the day) with minimal lines to enter, as well as provide better sight lines and increased safety. The venue will remain open continuously throughout each day of the Festival to allow attendees to “come whenever” and “leave whenever” and spend more time seeing their favorite acts in whichever venues they’d like. Additionally, a smaller, secondary stage will debut in the southwest corner that will be activated in between the Mainstage headliners."

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