Goodbye Heart Makes Friends With Its New Town on Lush, Ethereal Debut EP

Goodbye Heart, Restless Nights (out now, self-released,

It’s been only a year since Sam Ford and Nila K Leigh relocated to Seattle from New York City, but the duo has kept busy playing shows all over town and working on this, their debut EP. Aside from “Seconal,” released in March 2013, the five-track Restless Nights is all new, atmospheric material, created with only the pair’s voices, two synths, a guitar, and a drum machine. The EP begins with “Just Kids,” which sounds like a more restrained version of M83’s “Midnight City.” “Seconal,” a song about sticking together when everything is falling apart, featuring a great guitar interlude, follows. “How to Make Friends in a New Town” shows how well the huskiness in Ford’s voice pairs with Leigh’s more pristine vocals, and closer “Don’t Slow Down” successfully experiments with a variety of tempos, from slow and somber to upbeat and dancey. The EP’s lush, ethereal quality makes it easy to enjoy, and the combination of synth and drum machine adds an almost electro-hip-hop feel. Recorded with producer Shawn Simmons (The Head and the Heart, Lemolo, Kithkin), Restless Nights is as dreamy as dream-pop gets, though dark tones keep it from wandering into sugary-sweet territory. Ford and Leigh illustrate the balance perfectly on the bright yet reflective “Wish”: “I dream in neon/I live in gray.” (Thurs., April 3, Lo-Fi Performance Gallery)

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