Snoop Dogg is So Stoked We Legalized Weed, He's Coming to Seattle for 4/20

Above: Snoop Dogg explains how his own line of "G Pen Herbal Tanks" work while sitting on a throne with lions on it.

Long before the passage of I-502 in Washington State, Snoop Dogg has been a champion of the miraculous properties of marijuana. Most, recently he spread the gospel to Australia, where he posed in front of an enormous literal bowl of weed, got a marijuana manicure done and smoked so much weed that the Australian fire department was called on his hotel room, where they ended up posing for pics with the rapper.

Now he's coming to congratulate Washington on a job well done legalizing that herb he loves most. Snoop has partnered with Leafly, an online medical marijuana strain database, for what he's calling "Snoop's Wellness Retreat," in Seattle, which "represents a movement that's changing mindsets around cannabis" in an effort to legalize marijuana nationwide.

The show, which pairs Snoop with Wiz Khalifa, is at WaMu theater on 4/19. Sadly, Snoop will be in Denver congratulating Colorado with their own concert on 4/20 proper. BUT—if you are looking for something to do to celebrate what is essentially Washington's newest federally recognized state holiday, consider spending 4/20 Eve with Snoop Dogg. Bring your children! It's all ages. And, uh... just say its a celebration for Easter?

Full details here, as well as details on how to win a backstage pass through Leafly here.

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