Surprise Surprise, Macklemore in Disguise at EMP Vivid Video Show

Before I even stepped foot in EMP last night for the Vivid music video experience, there was buzz about who the special guest would be. There were several guesses, but the one that made most sense turned out to be true. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis stopped by with Wanz in tow to perform “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us” with all the energy that we’ve come to know and love from the world-traveling duo. Big fans and first-timers alike were jumping up and down with hands raised as Macklemore took that signature leap into the audience and they hold him up like it was his very own human runway. It’s incredible to watch and he obviously loved every minute of it.

View all the photos from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's performance here. For commentary on Macklemore's questionable costume choice, read Mark Baumgarten's story, "Macklemore, Jewface, and the Evolution of 'Thrift Shop'," here.

Apparently he was a little worried about being mobbed, after all he is a big part of the new video exhibit at the EMP, because he came on stage and continued a majority of his show, with a wig, beard, and false nose adhered not-so-securely to his face (by the end of his 15 minute set he looked a little like he was melting). Disguise or no, it was no secret he was the big guest everyone had been waiting for and fans 5 to 50 years old and beyond crowded into the Sky Church to have the best 15 minutes they’ll experience in a very long time.

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