James Taylor, the Music of My Childhood

When I found out that James Taylor was set to perform at KeyArena, I immediately put it in my calendar, and as soon as it was acceptable I asked to cover it. My parents are especially supportive of me and wonderful human beings, but the music I cover on the regular rarely interests them. Even when it is a band or performer they recognize, it doesn't much impress them, but why should it? It keeps me humble and that's one of the many reasons they are fantastic people to have in my life. However, there are the select few musicians that would make an impact and for my mom, that's James Taylor. So my fervor to take photos of this sixty-six year old 5-grammy winning artist had little to do with my own passion for his music (whose music is burned into my brain for eternity after years of car rides with only James Taylor allowed in the tape player), and much more to do with making my mom smile.

I'm very happy to report, my plan succeeded and then some. I am quite sure I heard a gasp on the other side of the line as I told her about my "assignment" this weekend. Be sure to check out the entire slideshow for yourself.

James was in top form for the small bit of the show I was able to see. With full band, including backing singers, drummer, horn players, and more, he filled KeyArena with the sounds of my childhood and I couldn't hold back the smile creeping across my face. Starting out the night with "Something In the Way" pulled at my heartstrings. It brought back the memories of my mom singing along to every word as I rode in the back of our stationwagon, the heat of summer destroying any cool air the car's conditioner attempted to cough out and me rolling my eyes at the unending series of James Taylor melodies. I learned to love him over the years and how those frozen moments in time pull my mom closer to me even though she's thousands of miles aross the country.

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