Shiver + Shake, A Fresh Take on Bluesy Rock

My Goodness, Shiver + Shake
​Out June 24, Votiv,

Listening to My Goodness, it’s easy to compare it to the Black Keys. Both bands have two primary members (for My Goodness, they’re guitarist/vocalist Joel Schneider and Andy Lum on drums); both are no strangers to writing about the highs and lows of love—“I could be your man/But, baby, I don’t know where you’re at/I could be your man/Why do I keep hangin’ on?” sings Schneider on “Hangin’ On”—and both rock a mix of bluesy guitar riffs, thundering beats, and vocals that can be both rugged and warm. What sets My Goodness apart, though, is its ability to add different dimensions to its blues-rock sound. On the duo’s latest album, produced by Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains), the band bounces from the blistering title track to the slightly twangy “Sweet Tooth.” My Goodness also channels folk-rock quartet the Avett Brothers on the sweet and slow “Bottle,” then jumps into garage-rock territory on “Say You’re Gone.” And just when you think the pair have pulled every card from their sleeves, Schneider and Lum play “Lost in the Soul,” a solid indie-rock track full of acoustic guitar and orchestral features, before ending on the raucous “Hot Sweat.” While Shiver has an overall blues-rock feel, thoughtfully incorporated elements make it a fresh take on the genre.

Next Performance: Fri., June 20, The Crocodile

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