Cher and Cyndi Lauper Seemed Ageless Last Night at KeyArena

Last night, as she was revealed standing upon what must have been a fifty-foot pedestal, Cher looked incredibly glamorous swathed in a tie-dye wrap and adorning what must have been one of the biggest headdresses ever to grace the KeyArena stage. As she started her first song, the pedestal slowly lowered to the ground displaying her as the goddess of showmanship and entertainment everyone expects her to be. Her voice was strong and commanding as every person in the venue stood and screamed her name, the lyrics, or just out of pure joy.

Be sure to check out the slideshow for all the glitz and glamour of last night's performances.

It's easy to mock Cher for the work she's had done to keep herself from aging, but even up close this sixty-eight year old woman looks far younger than her years should allow. That's not just a face-lift, that's attitude. She continued to strut around the stage singing with power as young lithe dancers ripped away her swadling to reveal a tight skin-toned outfit decked out with gems to catch every ray of light as she moved. Still managing to keep that humongous headdress perfectly placed, it was a sight to behold.

Cyndi Lauper was no slouch last night either, opening slot or not. She came in the "back" way through curtains to walk through the audience and ineract with her fans up close and personal. She hasn't been quite as off-the-radar as Cher with appearances in more than a few television shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Bones, Bob's Burgers, 30 Rock. With fire-red hair she made her way up on stage draped in a cape and the pride flag covering her shoulders. As a matter of fact, most of her outfit consisted of black clothing, a tight bodice was revealed after dropping the cape, and rainbow adornments. Perhaps she was embracing the Pride Weekend on which she's performing, it seems likely.

Both of these ladies seem completely ageless, and it was pretty incredible to watch. Dancing around a stage for 45-60 minute sets while singing and making costume changes is a challenge for most anyone and they did it with flair.

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