Sweltering Singles for Hot Summer Nights

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As we welcome the dog days of summer, plant your butt on a stoop, have a popsicle, and check out some of these sweltering tracks.

Kristin Chambers, “Eyes That Say ‘I Love You’ ” (Everything Woman, 10/4, self-released, kristinchambers.com) On this rendition of the eponymous selection from Beck’s Song Reader, the vocalist takes her sweet time singing about love gone wrong in a bluesy voice over instrumentation that’s equally as unhurried. It’s “Summertime,” indeed.

Tom Eddy, “Seeing Someone” (out now, self-released, tomeddy.bandcamp.com) This track hits all the summer-anthem essentials with a calypso-influenced bass line, jangling guitar riffs, and bright piano flourishes that feel beach-kegger-ready. B-side “Sunday Market” morphs similar elements into a lazy, low-key jam; fleeting moments of free jazz add a soothing vibe.

Kris Orlowski, “Believer” (Believer, out now, self-released, krisorlowski.com) While recently on tour, Orlowski dropped a video to this single, which, in a general sense, is a paean to art and life. His earnest, personable vocals lead the way in his pristine folk-pop balladry, and this song is filled with a booming, inspirational chorus, calling from a reserve of optimism. Check out how Orlowski brings his art to life on the road in the new vid, filled with footage from his group’s shared tour with Jamestown Revival. (Sat., Aug. 9, Summer Meltdown)

S, “Vampires” (Cool Choices, 9/23, Hardly Art, hardlyart.com) This track from Jenn Ghetto’s forthcoming Chris Walla–produced album retains the jangly, meditative feel of earlier releases, but things are more melody-driven here—along with strong overtones of Death Cab’s polished indie rock.

Tomten, “Mother Minnow” (The Farewell Party, 8/19, Versicolor Records, tomtenmusic.bandcamp.com) There’s a little sadness, joy, revelation, and remorse to be found at every turn here, the second single to be released in advance of the band’s forthcoming LP. Skimming the surface of many different elements, the cool textures of ’70s AM radio bind it all together. If every song sounds like this, we’re in for one hell of a record. (Thurs., Aug. 14, The Crocodile)

Vox Mod + DGH, “New Concerns” (out now, self-released, thetroublestarts.bandcamp.com) In this new collaboration between Vox Mod and Daniel G. Harmann, the latter wallows in existential crisis over rumbling electro beats with lines like, “We live/We love/We grow/We die.” (Vox Mod: Sat., Aug. 16, Hollow Earth Radio)

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