Deep Sea Diver’s ‘Always Waiting’ EP Is Soaring and Confessional

Deep Sea Diver, Always Waiting EP
Out now, self-released,

It’s baffling how much ground is covered here in just four songs. Maybe it’s because each beautifully arranged ambient-pop track confidently takes its time to develop, revealing surprising and gratifying turns along the way. Maybe it’s because frontwoman Jessica Dobson’s voice draws you in, soaring with confessional lyrics and melodies that offer a comforting intimacy. Maybe it’s the tasteful guitar shredding that plays with intricate, electronic percussion and synthesized blasts, laying a sparse yet powerful atmosphere of sonic textures. What is known is that in under 20 minutes, all these thoughtful qualities coalesce into a compelling collection. The instrumentation mirrors Dobson’s engaging songwriting, and the lyrics serve as a deeply emotional outlet. With passages like “I’m not afraid of natural disasters/Or any other thing for that matter/I’m in love with every emotion/What keeps my heart from exploding?”, Always Waiting invites you into a well of reflection. Fri., Sept. 5–Sat., Sept. 6, Fremont Abbey

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