The Kids Are In School, the Band's at Slim's, and Tim Medvetz Is Bringing Another Soldier Up the Mountain

Duff McKagan is the founding bassist of Guns N' Roses and the leader of Seattle's Loaded. His column runs every Thursday on Reverb.
My legs are absolutely toast. Have I over-trained for my climb up Mt. Rainier this Monday? I DO have a tendency to do that kind of thing.

I am an addict.

My head is kind of swimming, too. I have read more than 30 books on mountain climbing, and have had an armchair fascination with the terror that can go down up there in them hills. Am I 'man' enough?

But I HAVE two whole and intact legs, and I shrink into myself for even complaining in my lone corner.

My buddy, Tim Medvetz, is bringing along a single (leg) amputee Marine on this climb (Cpl. Kionte Storey). This whole deal actually STANDS for something. Something much, much bigger than me and my fear and my physical pain from over-training or whatever. I've got to do things like this. To be a good father, is to lead, right?

But my kids got into a new school down in LA, and that school starts a whole 3 weeks earlier than their previous school. So, they won't be here to witness their old Dad doing this climb. They won't be here to meet the veteran. I am on my own.

I found out about the school date change too late to switch the climb. I am facing a mountain of snow-covered earth. Probably thinking too much too, about schools and girls and Katy Perry and Childish Gambino at the Palladium in Hollywood while I'm not there to chaperon, and am I a good Dad? And, will the Loaded tour in the UK be the right move, and, and, and ...

My head feels like a mound of snow-covered earth.

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