The Piracy Discussion Is Getting All Mature 'n' Stuff. Revisit the Wise Words of Duff McKagan and Jesse Sykes

Musician and author Jesse Sykes.
The quality of the online debate about piracy has climbed considerably since Monday's blog post from David Lowery eloquently spelled out how not paying for music has adversely affected artists. That such an explanation was necessary is odd, but addressed well by our own Andrew Gospe earlier today.

While the Internet is discussing this subject as adults, take a second to go back and read a couple columns by SW's Duff McKagan and Jesse Sykes in the wake of the SOPA/PIPA backlash in January. At the time, they were attacked. Today, I think there's a climate for more people to warm to their messages:

Duff McKagan:

Internet piracy has claimed half of the recorded music business, and made the prospect of making a living as a musician harder for artists of all rank and file. Why didn't Google, or Facebook, or Wikipedia ever stand in solidarity with musicians, actors, and writers - most of whom have never known fame and fortune - as their works were stolen with no recourse on their sites?

Jesse Sykes:

If more folks understood the consequences of illegal downloading and streaming on those who make their living doing art and the motivations of these companies to exploit their creations, then this would not be a problem. It's a creepy, insidious thing that lives in the light behind your screen, and it begs to steal our integrity without realizing it.

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