Every Local Release: DJAO Makes Abstract, Nostalgic Night Music on Screwmixes


DJAO, Screwmixes

Out now, Hush Hush Records


If remixes simply recontextualize their source material, then screwmixes transform it into something completely foreign. Here, producer Alex Osuch slows down and chops up songs from Mount Kimbie, Grimes, and Janet Jackson until they turn into vaseline-smeared, unrecognizable aural mush. The genre ascribed to Screwmixes, like the rest of Hush Hush's output, is called "night bus" (intended for "headphones, late-night travels, intimate encounters, and contemplative rides on public transportation"), so the abstract, slightly nostalgic sound makes sense. It's music designed to envelop rather than engage.

Listen to DJAO's screwmix of Janet Jackson's "Lonely" after the jump, and check out the whole seven-track album on Bandcamp.

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