Your Teenage Daughter's Secret Language, EXPOSED!

Duff McKagan is the founding bassist of Guns N' Roses and the leader of Seattle's Loaded. His column runs every Thursday on Reverb.
Now that my kids are older, I get to enjoy the behind-the-scenes onslaught of teenage slang and acronyms. Of course, we all know the tired (OG) LOL, which eventually got augmented to LMFAO (Laughing My Fudging Ass Off). Since AWOL acronyms have been a popular part of how we communicate in the English language, here are a few more that I have learned, having kids . . .

PIR (Parent in Room) Used to warn off one teenager from another when texting or video-chatting from home when an unknowing parent suddenly enters the room.

G2G (Got to Go) Self-explanatory.

BRB (Be Right Back) Used when having to leave the text conversation for a moment.

ROFL (Rolling on the Floor, Laughing) Used to express wondrous joy, I suppose.

TTYL (Talk to Ya Later) Self-explanatory.

Now for the slang!

Swag Short for swagger; often used as an adjective/noun thingy. As in "That dude is so chill, swag."

Trill A mixture of true and chill, as in

Person 1: "Hey, we are hanging out Saturday."

Person 2: "Trill."

KK SWAQ Means somehow (OK, cool).

With all this new lingo, I decided to hit my daughter back a few acronyms of my own. Somehow she and her friends think they are funny. I am pretty sure that them laughing at my acronyms is equal to patting an old man on the head as you help him down the hallway. But maybe not. Maybe somehow they think these are cool!

TSCC That's So Cray-Cray

THIR That's How I Roll

CITR Chillin' in the Ride

I am a grown man, and suffer the same frustrations many working adults go through, like plane travel. Airlines should just go ahead and use this acronym:

GOTPC (Get on the Plane, Cattle) Self-explanatory.

TYF (Tame Your Flatulence) You know, that guy on the plane who keeps looking around at everybody else at the obscene smell.

And here are some others for general life . . . and I understand the kids are using this one too (right?!?!).

Sometimes we all feel this one:

IWICJPYFS (I Wish I Could Just Punch Your Face Sometimes) This is for those angry times in life.

Or the sweeter version:

IWICJKYFS (I Wish I Could Just Kiss Your Face Sometimes)

I know, or am pretty sure, that many of you out there could fairly add to this list . . . this should be fun. So for now, G2G BRB (well, until next Thursday). Your all yung taco swaq. Trill, you is my peeps, and I'm youses peep. Weez all peeps together.

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