Foodie Tip: Duff McKagan Has a Rock 'n Roll Sushi Roll Named After Him at Belltown's Umi Sake House

Man, that Duff McKagan lives a charmed life. Not only is he a hallowed rock star, a fulfilled family man, and the author of Reverb's most popular column, he's also got classy restaurants naming dishes after him. And, unlike that time Larry David had a whitefish sandwich named in his honor, it's actually a really good dish. Last night I was perusing the menu at Belltown's Umi Sake House, which is rightfully known for its delicious and wildly creative sushi rolls, when I spotted an item called Duff's Rock 'n Roll.


Duff's Rock 'n Roll is a monster of flavor, with an interior of crunchy shrimp tempura and cucumber and a decadent topping of avocado and cooked eel drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce. When I was at Umi last night, we did order it, but I have to admit that by the time it hit our table later in the meal, I had already eaten about my equivalent weight in sushi and couldn't manage another bite. But my boyfriend, being the man he is, valiantly took down the entire roll singlehandedly and helpfully supplied this 13-word review: "Zesty and fresh kick in the mouth. Makes u wanna slap some bass."

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