Akimbo Gives Taste of Final Album, Live to Crush With Tracks "I Am Very Successful", and "Equal Opportunity Asshole"

Akimbo, bro. Their final album, titled Live to Crush, will indeed land in "record stores" sometime this spring on the Alternative Tentacles imprint. If you have enjoyed Akimbo's music in the past, or are maybe just a Rainier beer enthusiast with enough remaining hand-eye coordination to click "play" on a computer screen, you should give a listen to "I Am Very Successful" and "Equal Opportunity Asshole", two songs that surfaced this week on the band's Bandcamp page, and look to be offerings from the aforementioned LtC.

"I Am Very Successful" rides a haymaker of a riff into a building storm, which crescendos, then lands "safely" on the back of the beast once again. "Equal Opportunity Asshole" is a crunch-fest; a tumbling alley brawl. They are lovely. It's a shame they will never be played live again. Rock:

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