Hey Local Bands: More March Releases, Please!

Folk trio Hannalee's Brassica is out now.
Calling all local bands: Is your group putting out an album next month? Did you forget to send us your February release? Do you want some press? We're looking for your tunes!

There's still a little time left to send in submissions for our March round of reviews. If ya got 'em, send an email to reverbreviews@seattleweekly.com that includes these four things: the name of the artist, the name of the record, its official release date, and a digital copy of the music. Records streaming on Bandcamp or Soundcloud are perfect, as are downloadable copies compressed into a (working) zip file. Three or seven different emails with a separate file for every single song suck, as do emails missing one of the four criteria above.

Digital music is easiest for us, but if you'd rather send a hard copy, keep in mind WE'VE MOVED and our NEW mailing address is: Seattle Weekly, Attn: Reverb Reviews, 307 Third Ave. S., 2nd Floor, Seattle, WA 98104. We look forward to hearing all of your new music!

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