Before Danko Jones Came Into My Life, I Missed Him So Bad

Do you ever come from a live music gig just scratching your head and wondering if rock is lost? I do. But then there are those gigs and bands you see that completely restore your faith, put a little skip in your step, and remind you that every thing is going to be A-OK in the world of rock and roll.

I got to spend a couple of weeks in February touring Australia with Danko Jones. They are one of those bands that peeked into my rock consciousness at just the right time. They are the real deal, and are as honest and as no-nonsense as anything I've seen since the Refused concert here last Fall.

Columnist Duff McKagan is the founding bassist of Guns N' Roses and the leader of Seattle's Loaded. His column runs every Thursday on Reverb.

Danko Jones is actually the singer/guitarist's name, but the band plays as such a seething and tight three-piece unit that in the throes of a gig, the beauty of not just watching or focusing on one guy is only realized after the show. It is rad.

Drummer Atom Willard and bass player John "JC" Calabrese are an exceptional driving force behind Danko's impossibly huge guitar sound.

Danko Jones have put out a handful of records since 2002, have toured the world and gained a strong foothold in Europe and Canada. Seattle gets to see them at the Showbox Market on Friday night with Volbeat.

The newest record, Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue, is an ass-kicker. I challenge you to crank up "The Masochist" and "Just A Beautiful Day," and not break a good-god-damn hot sweat.

Danko himself has a radio show in Sweden and Canada, a weekly podcast with an always-irreverent and genuine cast, and writes a column for The Huffington Post. A smart dude with a lot to say.

And yes, I know that I may be a late-comer to all things Danko Jones...but maybe it takes some of us just that bit more of time to see something in its truest light. I finally did. And I'm restored and re-energized.


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