Yeah, Changes on the Blog (But, Hey, Michael Lerner’s Still a Sweetheart!)

As you’ve no doubt noticed, there are some visual changes going down on the blog right now. This is part of the change in some of our back-end mechanics that I mentioned a while back. We’re gonna work out the bugs soon. Thank you for your patience.

The good news is—and how’s this for a non-sequitor—Michael Lerner, aka Telekinesis, is still a total sweetheart. Michael came into the KIRO studios and taped an interview for Seattle Sounds that we’re airing in a couple weeks. Afterward, he was nice enough to give me a ride back downtown. The attached photo was taken inside Lerner’s car.

I’m not sure what the animal’s name is, but I’m sure Michael (see where I’m goign?) would love it if you checked out the new Telekinesis album, Dormarion, that is streaming at right now.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience!

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