VIDEO: Mariners Fan Snags Foul Ball with His Beer

Is it possible for a Major League team to reach the low point of a season only nine games into a 162-game campaign? If it is, last night’s Mariners 8-3 loss to Houston, which a new record low 10,493 fans were on hand for, may represent one.

Of course, as Chone Figgins once insisted, “It’s early.”

But it’s bad.

However, that doesn’t mean there were no highlights last night. In fact, there was exactly one - and it came when an opportunistic fan snagged a foul ball with his beer.

Not only did the fan use his frosty cold adult beverage to land a souvenir, he punctuated the achievement by chugging the frothy beer in celebration after the grab. Of course, given the fact the beer probably cost three times as much as the ball did, it might not have been as celebratory as it was financially responsible.

Either way, it was awesome.

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