Yeti of the Day: Sunday

In this segment, we quiz abominable festival-goers to find out what’s going through their Yeti heads.

Yeti: Cameron Macphail (Vancouver, B.C.)

SW: Is this your first time at Sasquatch?

Yeti: Third time

SW: What’s your favorite memory from previous Sasquatch festivals?

Yeti: There’s so many. But Beats Antique last year was awesome. And two years ago, Modest Mouse.

SW: What was the last thing you heard before you went to sleep last night?

Yeti: I don’t know - the sounds of the whole campsite.

SW: What’s the most important thing at your campsite right now?

Yeti: Well, our campsite - we’re the “Canadian Embassy” so we’ve kind of created a gathering place for all the Canadians.

SW: What’s your favorite album of all time?

Yeti: That’s an impossible question.

SW: What’s you favorite book of all time ?

Yeti: No, I don’t read very much.

SW: What’s the last thing you read today (any medium)?

Yeti: The schedule.

SW: What did it tell you?

Yeti: It told me that Atlas Genius is playing right now; and Nick Offerman is on the [Chupacabra] stage.

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