Staga Roach Drops “The Prince Has Returned”

As a most-of-the-time member of late Ballard rap crew Bedroom Stompers, Staga Roach radiated heat on tracks, issuing pot-shots from the perimeter with a rubbery inflection and creative rhythms. After a few quiet years punching clocks, dealing several thousand hands of poker, and smoking two or three cigarettes, Roach has hit the lab once again and emerged with “The Prince Has Returned,” a finely self-produced statement of reemergence that lets his natural vocal gift bring a few solidly penned verses to life. The song is a legit dose of lyrical skill, gently seasoned with clowning local references and back-alley punch lines. The song looks to be part of an upcoming Staga Roach EP, so stay on the look out for that.

It’s worth mentioning that the lyric “the prince of Ballard’s back” is a binding statement that adds Roach to the list of Ballard rap royalty that includes this producer, who, all jokes aside, is also a talented dude and would be a logical collaborator. Yet both rappers are princes compared to Grynch’s kingly status.

These are all good developments. Listen here , enjoy, repeat.

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