Chastity Belt Announces August Release, Shares “Seattle Party”

After building up a reputation as that ramshackle band of recent grads from Walla Walla, Chastity Belt has tightened up its live show, and is starting to write real 21st Century soul music for all us vagabond boho-youths who wander around, lost at night. And lucky us, a new batch of that music, it was just announced, will be released by Help Yourself Records on August 13.

This lead single from that debut LP, titled No Regerts, didn’t hit me at first. “Seattle Party” isn’t as immediate as “God Damn,” from the band’s excellent EP, Fuck Chastity Belt, or the revved up tongue-in-cheek banger “Ponytail,” the single from its sophomore EP, Dude. Only after a couple of listens does Shapiro’s wallflower poetry reveal itself.

“You’re tattoos are so deep. They really make me think. And your life, is so rough. You’ve been through so much,” Shapiro coos in an honest sincerity that hides the satisfying shit-eating grin that lies beneath. “We are having a party tonight... I think they’re having fun.” The guitar lilts in a kind of sad dance. It’s fun like Chastity Belt always is, but this time, there is real pain in there.

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