Police Arrest Alleged Balloon Animal and Pizza Thief

Nearly everyone loves pizza and a good balloon animal. But stealing either from an eight-year-old’s birthday party is never a good idea - as police say a 28-year-old man at Green Lake learned the hard way yesterday.

According to Seattle Police, just before 6 p.m. Wednesday police arrived at Green Lake to find a “shirtless, shoeless suspect” laying in the grass by a wading pool. Parents at a birthday party in the park told police the man had sat down at a table with several children, chowed down on a couple pieces of pizza, and then made off with two ballon animals. When the parents asked the man to leave apparently he got into a “very heated exchange” with them, so the police were called.

Police say when they contacted the “shirtless, shoeless suspect” he appeared to be under the influence of a “potent relaxant of some kind.” Responding officers offered him a trip to the hospital, but the man refused. So police arrested him for theft. He was later booked into King County Jail.

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