New Video: Vox Mod Contemplates Cosmic Cubes in the Desert

Live, Seattle’s Vox Mod is one of the most physically active electronic artists I’ve ever seen. Unlike many of his peers, rather than standing still at a laptop, Scot Porter headbangs his formidable head of hair harder than all the members of Metallica combined. His last music video for “Iridescent Asteroid Mists” took that physicality and transformed it into dance, enlisting the help of local rockstar choreographer and dancer Amy O’Neal.

In Vox Mod’s newest video off his album SYN-ÆSTHETIC, Porter says he was inspired “from the idea of being out in the desert at sunrise.”

“Sounded good enough to us so we went for it and this is what happened.”

The resulting video for “Life Forms” opts for a chiller vibe than his previous body-rocking visuals, offering something headier and spacier. The video was shot at the Wild Horses Monument in Vantage, WA, and takes advantage of all those vast, barren landscapes on the other side of the Cascades. Porter and crew threw some colored plastic and gels in the mix to cast a purplish hue on the desert and guest vocalist Irene Barbaric (of local band Eighteen Individual Eyes) and, voila.

And in case you were wondering about those see-through cubes Vox Mod gazes at in the video, Porter says: “My relationship with cosmic translucent cubes... is purely spiritual/supernatural.”

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