Gaytheist Infiltrate a Man’s Innards in New Music Vid

Shakespeare famously quipped that “brevity is the soul of wit.” Little known history tidbit: being a mega-metalhead/closeted gay man, Shakespeare was actually a huge Gaytheist fan, and wrote the line in reference to the shredtastic Portland band’s new music video for “Stomach Pains.”

Clocking in at a blazing 2:06, Gaytheist’s new music video manages to accomplish more in that short time span than 99 percent of all the other terrible “band standing around looking bored for five minutes” music videos that come out every day.

In the video, we play witness to what happens when a young man purchases “Gaytheist” energy pills at a gas station. The vid jumps between scenes of the pill’s gruesome/hilarious external medical side effects, and shots of Gaytheist lead singer Jason Rivera screaming his face off as the band wreaks havoc inside the man’s crumbling mineshaft of a stomach.

The music video is one of the rare select few made today that would almost certainly earn Beavis and Butthead’s stamp of approval. Props to director Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy (ZZ Top, OFF!, Red Fang) for killing it on this one.

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