Live This Weekend: Dale Watson, THEESatisfaction, Mickey Hart Band, and More

Friday, August 2

Daniel Blue Most know Daniel Blue as the charismatic leader of the Seattle soul-glitch band Motopony, for which he proved a charismatic if somewhat schizophrenic frontman with a voice that careened around a room, moving with little notice from a soft, enveloping croon to a demented caterwaul often recalling Billie Holiday’s. Since Motopony’s promising 2011 debut, though, the original band members—most notably beat-making organist Buddy Ross—have fallen off, leaving Blue to put the pieces back together. The rebuilding process has turned into a spiritual quest for the musician. He put a new version of the band together and headed for a cabin in the mountains, but that didn’t quite work out. Then he stumbled upon an old, vacant church in Ballard where he got inspired and, putting Motopony on momentary hold, started collaborating and crafting a solo album. This weekend’s shows will feature Blue in the role of shaman, christening that space as The Sanctuary while celebrating his collection of contemplative, though still somewhat histrionic, singer/songwriter fare. Through Sat. With Shannon Stephens, Dearborn, Meagan Grandall, and Torry Anderson (Fri.); Jason Dodson, Courtney Marie Andrews, Mary Lambert, and Micha Simler (Sat.). The Sanctuary; address released upon ticket purchase. Tickets are available only in advance; e-mail requests to $12 adv. 8 p.m. All ages. MARK BAUMGARTEN

Foxygen In the less-than-grand tradition of Lana Del Rey or Wavves, retro psych-rock duo Foxygen has been an Internet punching bag of late, with chatter about an imminent breakup and lethargic live shows dominating music blogs. The tunes are decent, if reductive, but that rarely wins out over buzz. With Twin Peaks. Neumos. 8 p.m. $13 adv. ANDREW GOSPE

Slough Feg Named for a character in a comic book about Celtic folklore, this San Francisco band is heavy-metal traditionalists in the vein of Iron Maiden. With Krystos, Blood of Kings, Curse of the North. Highline. 8 p.m. $10 adv. AG

Dale Watson is a country musician’s country musician: a veteran of the Austin music scene, a staunch traditionalist, and a relentlessly consistent recording artist. Sunset Tavern. 8:30 p.m. $15. AG

Saturday, August 3

Mickey Hart Band In an effort to reinforce every stereotype about The Grateful Dead, erstwhile Dead drummer Mickey Hart claims that his current band channeled light waves and radiation to create the “cosmic sounds” on the 2012 album Mysterium Tremendum. Hart will perform parts of his forthcoming album, Superorganism, with an EEG cap on his head while he “plays the sounds of his brain.” With Tea Leaf Trio. Showbox at the Market. 7:30 p.m. $29.50 adv./$35 DOS. AG

Sebadoh Fourteen years after releasing its last full-length, the Lou Barlow–led band of lo-fi pioneers is touring new material, due out this fall. Barboza. 7 p.m. $15 adv. AG

THEESatisfaction remains one of Seattle’s most inventive acts of any genre; outside of Shabazz Palaces, the duo’s futuristic take on hip-hop and R&B is unmatched locally. With Yo! Majesty, Gift Uh Gab, Jusmoni + WD4D, OCnotes. Nectar Lounge. 8 p.m. $12 adv./$15 DOS. AG

Sunday, August 4

Black Irish Texas True to its name, this group melds Celtic punk with honky-tonk, spaghetti-Western country. With Frog Flag, the Rainiers. High Dive. 8 p.m. $6. AG

Gary Minkler Local songwriter Minkler will release the gospel- and Americana-influenced Little Trailer Ruby at this show. Barboza. 8 p.m. $12 adv. AG

MC Chris This nerdcore rapper has a robust and organic online following, built on homemade-looking YouTube videos for songs about ninjas, Han Solo, and pizza. With Jesse Dangerously, Dr. Awkward, Tribe One. El Corazon. 7 p.m. $13 adv./$15 DOS. AG

Zimbabwean Music Nite The mbira, or thumb piano, is a bewitching little instrument. The player plucks its metal tines to elicit sharp, chiming sounds, a magical kind of buzzing and chirping that gives the music an otherworldly tinge. Tonight, local Afropop band Ruzivo will perform alongside Jacob Mafuleni and dancer/vocalist Martha Thom, touring from Zimbabwe. The mbira anchors the band’s upbeat traditional tunes, which hum through solid African grooves and spry, spidery guitar lines. The songs playfully bounce around thanks to the group’s four separate marimbas (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone). Because of the mbira and marimba’s dual functionality as melodic and percussive instruments, the tunes all mesh into a pleasantly mind-boggling cloud of contrasting but complimentary rhythms that will probably stimulate some unutilized corner of your brain. Even though the polyrhythms will make your head feel good, more importantly they will just make you want to dance. The Royal Room. 7:30 p.m. Suggested donation $5–15. All ages until 10 p.m. KELTON SEARS

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