What’s the Deal With the Case of the Pissing Cop?

It’s going on three weeks now, and still an internal investigation drags on as to what to do – if anything – with the Seattle cop caught on video urinating behind a well-known European performance shop in north Seattle.

What gives?

“The investigation is wrapping up,” says Pierce Murphy, director of the Office of Professional Accountability for the Seattle Police Department. “Give me two more weeks.”

Two more weeks!?

“I know, it’s frustrating to me, too,” Murphy concedes. “I still need to complete my findings and make a determination, and then the chief will have an opportunity to decide whether he agrees with my finding.”

The blockbuster of a story broke July 16 after a local blogger posted a video of an on-duty officer, in full uniform, his pants down, relieving himself against a wall by a dumpster situated directly below a security camera.

Matt Driscoll, my esteemed colleague at Seattle Weekly, appropriately dubbed the incident “PissGate,” and, as he wrote, “a scandal of Big Gulp proportion.” (Click here to see the video. The expression on the yet-to-named cop’s face when he discovers the camera is priceless.)

The taped urination was forwarded to Murphy’s office, as pissing in public is considered illegal.

Wonder what Seattle Police are going to do about their whiz kid when at last their probe is done?

Feel free to speculate in the comment section below.

Here’s hoping Murphy leaks his findings to us first.

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