New Monogamy Party Track: “Ashamed”

About 2:30 into the new track released by Monogamy Party, “Ashamed,” it sounds like Ricky Claudon is rubbing his guitar up and down a piece of sheet metal.

The no-wave noisiness that Claudon has added to this track and “Crimes,” the previously released song from the group’s upcoming album False Dancers, has upped the ante for heavy music in the city. The group’s debut EP Pus City reveled in minimalism, relying on Yos-Wa’s Verellen powered bass riffage to propel the group’s manic screamfests forward. Throwing Claudon’s guitar into the mix for this upcoming album is proving a genius move. While Pus City felt full on its own with just bass and drums, the layer of noise and nuttery that Claudon’s guitarwork has added to these two released tracks gives Monogamy Party’s riffage a textural bed of madness to thrash within.

“Ashamed” rides those waves of noise into huge choruses that (at risk of sounding trite) recall some of Nirvana’s heavier scream-alongs. At this pace, False Dancers is shaping up to be a behemoth. False Dancers will be released Sept 17 on Good To Die Records.

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