KIRO Radio Reports Latest Development In McGinn vs. Holmes Feud

According to KIRO Radio’s Brandi Kruse, the Seattle Police Department was forced to cancel a scheduled press conference today announcing a new effort to fight drunk driving after, “City Attorney Peter Holmes refused to show up.” The apparent cause of the diss: Mayor Mike McGinn’s inclusion in the presser.

As Kruse notes, Holmes and McGinn aren’t BFFs. Holmes has officially endorsed McGinn’s mayoral opponent, Ed Murray, and the two have sparred in the past over police reforms.

As Kruse writes of the latest spat:

According to multiple sources who work for the city, Holmes told Seattle PD he would not attend the press conference if Mayor Mike McGinn would be there. Sources said Holmes felt McGinn was “inserting himself” in the announcement because it is an election year.

Downplaying any appearance of a growing feud, SPD Sgt. Sean Whitcomb tells KIRO that the press conference “had a lot of moving parts” that failed to come together in time.

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