Seattle Drivers Suck: SW Readers Share Their Stories of Roadway Rudeness

We posted a story yesterday that Seattle drivers are among the absolute worst in the nation. In fact, the city finished a dismal 160 out of the 194 largest cities in the U.S. as far as how frequently we crash into each other, according to Allstate’s ninth annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.”

The story, not surprisingly, drew a number of responses from readers eager to share their observations of just how bizarre our roadway behavior has become. Here’s a few of them:

“A girl with her feet up on the dashboard of her explorer painting her toes on I-5.”

“I did know that. When I was a bike rider in Seattle, I was knocked off 4 separate times while in the bike lane. Not one of them stopped to see if I was hurt. Seattle drivers are totally the worst I’ve seen in any city. Rude, aggressive, and distracted.”

“And a guy that had a convertible Rolls Royce -- I used to pass everyday on the evergreen floating bridge with his newspaper spread across the steering wheel.”

“Worst thing I saw was a guy shaving with an electric razor while holding his cell under his chin and a cigarette in his mouth (talking) as he held a ceramic mug in his other hand and was merging onto I-450 at speed. He must have been driving his F-250 with his knees.”

“I’ve seen the guy in the Rolls Royce with the newspaper. Also a Volvo drive who parks in the left lane on cruise control (58 mph), looking at his IPad.”

“4 Seattleites at a 4 way stop sign, and the endless long pause until they all start driving simultaneously.”

“Too many to count, but the one I think sums up the experience: I’m in the 2nd of 4 lanes on a 1-way in downtown (off the Union exit from I-5 south), approaching a green light. Driver in the right lane cuts me off, slams on the brakes and forces me to wait through the rest of the green light and the red light. When it turns green again, they waited until the right lane cleared, moved back over and turned right, taking just enough time to make sure I was stuck for the next light cycle.”

“A person who actually got OUT of the left lane, and not because there exit was coming up. Mind boggling!”

“If you give people a chance to complain they will. I think Seattle drivers are horrible too though. The worst thing is not going to the head of a merge lane and thinking they’re being polite. The corollary to that is not observing yield signs.”

“A girl with her dog on her lap and smoking a cigarette in mouth going across the 520 bridge with her Starbucks coffee in hand!”

“On I-5 heading north through Shoreline, saw a guy, at night, move out of the left lane (despite having no one in front of him for miles) to merge into the carpool lane and tailgate the person in front of him.”

“Land of the stressed out and aggressive, yet at the same time oblivious, yuppie driver, and the four-lane dive for the Mercer exit - turn signal optional.”

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