Live This Weekend: Bumbershoot and More Labor Day Tunes

Happy Labor Day! Whether you’re heading to Bumbershoot, Bummershoot, or just grilling at home, there’s likely music in your future. Here are our bets for what’s best this long weekend.

Friday, Aug. 30

Andy Coe Band Though local guitar hero Andy Coe originally formed this five-piece as an homage to Jerry Garcia, it has evolved to become a powerful jam band with a sound of its own. At this show, the eighth observance of Jerry Garcia Celebration, Coe and friends circle back to pay tribute to their original inspiration. With Kuli Loach. Tractor Tavern. 9:30 p.m. $10. ANDREW GOSPE

Animals in Cars Though their second album is called Tourist, this alt-rock quartet is content to stay home with their genre of choice: grunge-inflected, ’90s-style guitar rock. The trippy, collage-style cover art is a little deceiving, too: You might think something more like Animal Collective lurks within, but not so. Even though the group exhibits a range of styles on this six-track follow up to 2012’s Motion Blur—and opts to go acoustic for album closer “Future Ain’t Perfect,” a standout track—it leans heavily toward distorted guitar and droning, bellowing vocals, inspired by the likes of Pavement and Sonic Youth. If  ’90s-influenced alt-rock is your thing, Animals in Cars is your band. With Sleepy Pilot and Death by Stars. High Dive. $8. 9:30 p.m. 21 and over. AZARIA PODPLESKY

Crying Shame On January’s New Rock, Crying Shame is more rough-edged than the typical Seattle folk-rock act, a stylistic choice that imbues their songs with some necessary energy. With Dirty Cello, Safeword Sasquatch. Conor Byrne. 9 p.m. $8. AG

D.O.A. Always stridently political, D.O.A. frontman Joe Keithley recently ran for a New Democratic Party MLA position (roughly equivalent to a state representative) in his native British Columbia. He didn’t win, but that gives him time for his trailblazing hardcore band’s 35th-anniversary farewell tour. With Fastbacks, Dreadful Children, Sledgeback, Loud Eyes. El Corazon. 8 p.m. $10 adv./$12 DOS. All ages. AG

Saturday, Aug. 31

Bumbershoot, Day 1: A Recommended Itinerary

Cold Cave Wesley Eisold’s dark new-wave project is in a period of transition between 2011’s Cherish the Light Years, the former hardcore artist’s most accessible (even pop-oriented) work to date, and his forthcoming material, for which he distanced himself from his former collaborators. Get there early for the industrial synth-punk of Portland openers Vice Device. With Nightmare Fortress. Neumos. 8 p.m. $10 adv. AG

Daughters of the Dead Sea This is the grunge-leaning West Seattle punk trio’s final show before going on an extended hiatus. With Hobosexual. Easy Street Records. 8 p.m. All ages. Free. AG

Feral Children’s strange strain of primal, experimental folk rock is best experienced live. Same goes for the left-field, laptop-free electronic music of opener Dada Trash Collage. With PonyHomie. Sunset Tavern. 9:30 p.m. $8. AG

Hibou On their Dunes EP, this local act deals in reverb-drenched, darker-than-usual surf-pop that would, as the name implies, be the ideal soundtrack for a beach trip, particularly to one of those Washington beaches where it’s perpetually too cold to swim. With Blooper, Punishment. Heartland. 2 p.m. All ages. AG

Sunday, Sept. 1

Bumbershoot, Day 2: The Breeders, Tegan and Sara, and More!

Whitney Ballen This local songwriter, guitarist, and Joanna Newsom sound-alike plays a free show on the Fremont Bridge as part of the Bummershoot Festival, a multi-day, multi-venue event put on by the DIY community. With Slashed Tires. Fremont Bridge. 7 p.m. Free. All ages. AG

Gimmicks This indie band has only two songs to their name, both featuring lots of sedate piano playing, reverb- and echo-heavy guitar figures, and diffident vocals. One of them, “Dark Figures,” also boasts a pretty solid groove. With Brian James, Jef Shocki and The Workforce, Rafael Tranquilino & Brooke Lizotte. High Dive. 8 p.m. $6. AG

Monday, Sept. 2

Bumbershoot, Day 3: Reggie Watts , Baroness , and More!

The Protomen This mysterious and theatrical synth-rock band tours heavily, writes concept albums based on Mega Man video games, and has an avid Internet fan base. Not the most traditional way to spend your Labor Day, but it’s sure to be a spectacle. With MC Frontalot, Area of Defect, Abducted by Sharks, Gloom. El Corazon. 8 p.m. $15 adv./$17 DOS. All ages. AG

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