Reverb Fest Revived as ‘Macefield Music Fest’

Reverb Fest has risen from its short stay in the grave.

Thanks to a coalition of Ballard organizers, the festival is being revived under the new “Macefield Music Festival” moniker.

The name is a nod towards the real life counterpart to Disney’s UP, Edith Macefield. In 2006, the then 84 year-old Macefield famously turned down $1 million offered by developers to sell her Ballard home to make way for an L.A. Fitness. Her stubbornness forced developers to build around her home, creating a funny visual tableaux of tiny home vs. giant skyscraper that the neighborhood seized as a symbol of Ballard’s independent spirit.

The festival, scheduled for Saturday, October 5, will feature some of the same bands that were originally booked for Reverb, which had been operated by Seattle Weekly for the past eight years until it was canceled last month. In a move away from Reverb’s model, though, Macefield will occupy a smaller footprint, will not involve an all-ages component and will likely start a little earlier in the day, since organizers have scheduled 25 bands to play at its three participating venues: Tractor Tavern, Conor Byrne and the Sunset Tavern. Tickets will cost $10, ($15 DOS).

Lineup and press release below: Programmed by veteran talent buyer Kwab Copeland and inspired by the fiercely independent spirit of Ballard’s legendary “refuse to sell” resident, Edith Macefield, the MACEFIELD MUSIC FESTIVAL is a lovingly curated event that combines young, up-and-coming artists with seasoned scene stalwarts, reflecting the richness of Seattle’s local music community across a wide spectrum of genres. From the aggressive and angular punk clamor of Constant Lovers and the Intelligence, to the warm Americana of the Ganges River Band and Davidson Hart Kingsbury (celebrating his record release!), to the progressive hip hop of Keyboard Kid and Vox Mod’s imaginative electronica, the October 5 event will be an affordable way to explore the current landscape of Seattle music while celebrating the steadfast attitude of the dearly departed Ms. Macefield.

Produced through the collaborative efforts of Copeland, Michael Stephens, Drew Church, and Hannah Levin (all of whom share tattoos of Macefield’s iconic house and produce memorable private events at Underwood Stables), the festival’s tone was set instantly when Church mused that it could be named after the woman they all admired. “When Drew suggested the name ‘Macefield Music Festival,’ it really resonated that Edith Macefield’s name inspires people, especially people in Ballard to do things on their own terms,” explains Copeland. “I hope we are able honor her memory by offering up a fantastic event owned an operated by the community of Ballard!”

Partial proceeds will benefit MusiCares via a raffle at Hattie’s Hat (items up for grabs to be announced shortly). All shows are 21+ and wristband holders will have access to all three venues: The Tractor, Conor Byrne, and the Sunset.


Afro Cop

Children Of Kids

Constant Lovers

Courtney Marie Andrews

Davidson Hart Kingsbury

Funky 2 Death

Ganges River Band

Hounds Of The Wild Hunt


The Intelligence

Jarv Dee

Key Nyata

Keyboard Kid

Kid Smpl

Learning Team

Lori Goldston




Special Explosion

The Blakes

The Fame Riot


Vox Mod

Young Fresh Fellows

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