PREMIERE: Seacats Skateboard for Burgers in New Music Video ‘Minus World’

“It’s all about the simple times, about doing what makes you happy,” Mike Davis sings in “Minus World” the new single from Seacats upcoming self titled LP.

Unfortunately, in the hilarious music video for the song (making it’s worldwide international debut here), Kelso, WA’s leading Weezer Scholars are very unhappy after a bum performance at a community center that sounds something akin to an acid jazz band getting in a carwreck. To remedy the solution, Davis decides to enter in a skateboarding contest that could win him “Free Burgers 4 Life,” and eventually lands him in outer space.

Imagine the original Disney Channel movie “Brink” meets “Hot Rod,” but with an extra tablespoon of charm. A+ to Seacats for the special effects in the video’s climax, which rivals Avatar’s breathtaking visual fireworks with its own unique brand green screen magic.

“We made the ‘Minus World’ video ourselves in our hometown of Kelso, WA this July. It is sort of a hometown tribute to the all-ages venue Minus World we used to have in Kelso,” drummer/singer Josh Davis writes. “Minus World was an awesome restaurant/arcade/venue that existed in our town and created a thriving all-ages local music scene but then sadly shut down last year.”

While the song acts as a sort of eulogy, in effect it’s an uber-catchy pop number perfect for soundtracking the final lap of summer, with a lovely little coda at the end to help you get extra sentimental. Produced by Steve Fisk of Nirvana and Soundgarden fame, the full length is due out October 15 on Fin Records. Featuring spiffy pink vinyl, the record has my vote for album cover of the year. Check out the educational 11 minute infomercial for the album here, and maybe cruise on over to Seacats’ previous visual masterpiece for the record’s other single, “Wrecked,” which features 90s quality VHS footage of Mexican wrestling and an unreasonably hooky bass riff.

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