Monogamy Party Drops LP, La Luz Gets Slimey, Death Comes to Seattle

Tuesday was originally named after Tīw the one-handed Norse God of Law and Heroic Glory (Tīw’s Day — Tuesday). In order to successfully bind and imprison the evil wolf monster Fenrir, Tīw offered his right hand as a sacrifice by placing it in the beast’s snarling mouth.

In modern times, we honor Tīw’s manual sacrifice by releasing new music on Tīw’s Day. Music is an art form that revels in the dextrous use of the right hand, often in strumming guitar chords, holding microphones, or flipping off paparazzi. In this way, Tīw’s Day is a celebration of the hand that the noble Norse God lost in order to save civilization from giant wolves.

At Seattle Weekly, we will be regularly celebrating Tīw’s Day by rounding up all the latest local music news and releases for your convenience.

—Good To Die’s resident wizards of dissonance Monogamy Party officially release their debut LP False Dancers today. As we reported earlier, the record may or may not include recordings of metal in a blender, and is very good. Reports from the release show at Chop Suey this last weekend indicate that a very small man in the audience who began throwing elbows had to be physically carried out by two separate security guards. Whether or not the aggressive miniature-man will return for tonight’s free all-ages show at Spin Cycle remians unclear.

Still in denial that Seattle is not in fact a sunshine drenched beach paradise, La Luz have released another new surf-tastic song from their upcoming Hardly Art debut LP, It’s Alive, due out October 15. “Pink Slime” features more “ooooh wah ooooh” ghostly girl group harmonies, and a healthy heaping of groovy 60s bass. La Luz will be riding cowabunga-worthy waves on over to Neumos this Friday for “Burgerama,” where they will be playing with The Growlers.

—Proto-Punk legends and recent movie stars Death swept this years SIFF as the subject of one of the festival’s most popular films. Although Death broke up in 1977, the Detroit group reformed in 2009, and are now coming to Seattle for the first time . Tickets just went on sale for the group’s Chop Suey show on Novermber 2nd, and tickets are reportedly going really really fast. Condolences to all the musicians who didn’t think to name their band “Death,” arguably the best band name ever.

—Local folkies The Head & The Heart just added more dates to its mega-tour with Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. The band has already sold out seven of the tour dates, but haven’t yet added a stop in Seattle. The closest the band will be coming is a newly added December date in Vancouver B.C., where they will have to pay a silly fee in order to perform.

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