Streaming: Night Beats New Album ‘Sonic Bloom’ The Perfect Soundtrack To Your Next Knife Fight

Whenever I spot anyone in Night Beats around town, they’re usually in a shadowy corner with a cigarette and a beat-up jacket made of either denim or leather. They’re the kids your mom warned you about, and that’s why they kick ass.

Well, that, and their music. Ideal for strutting around alleyways with your fellow Greasers, Seattle’s Night Beats jam is effortlessly cool, psyched out garage rock full of wailing guitars and echoey, disenchanted vocals. Night Beats manage to walk the fine line between caring and not caring at all, mastered only by The Strokes, James Dean, and that guy in that one Rugrats episode.

Sonic Bloom, the group’s radical new album, is streaming in full now. There seems to be some Seattle centric references on the album, with song titles like “Real Change” and “Catch a Ride to Sonic Bloom” which very well could be a play on the name of local record store Sonic Boom. The track (a standout on the record) begins with a tasty tanpura drone that indeed, blooms into a groovy rock and roll haze. “At the Gates” throws sax in the mix to create the perfect soundtrack for a Westside Story style knife fight rumble.

Check the band out on October 12 at first inaugural Hypnotikon: Seattle Psych Fest over at The Triple Door, with a whole slew of other awesome bands like Lumerians, Midday Veil and Fungal Abyss.

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