Live Tonight: Hauschka, Jake Bugg, Green Velvet

Hauschka doesn’t like playing regular piano. Being German and fond of all things motorik, he puts all sorts of weird junk in his piano to make his music more interesting: ping-pong balls, washers, screws, rubber bands, pretty much anything. Having dutifully prepared his piano with all sorts of odds and ends, he plays brilliant, whimsical tunes that plink and buzz under the effect of all the doodads he’s tossed in. The result ranges from the wistful, soothing songs on Ferndorf to the “acoustic electronica” of Salon des Amateurs. At Decibel, Hauschka will be displaying his mad piano genius in a special project called “OPTICAL 1: KOLLABORATIONS” that will pair him with a visual artist. Hauschka’s music videos have always been incredible because his music is so evocative—adding a visual-art element to his live performance will likely result in all sorts of magic as well. With Oliveray. Benaroya Hall. 5:30 p.m. $35 adv/free with Decibel pass. All ages. KELTON SEARS

Inspired by the likes of Johnny Cash, Neil Young, and Nick Drake, English singer/songwriter Jake Bugg makes the kind of music that makes you want to feel. While the structures are simple, Bugg finds strength in his bouncy presentation, spunky storytelling, and that charmingly floppy mop. His twangy, boy-next-door vocals are pretty swell too. With honeyhoney. The Neptune. 8 p.m. SOLD OUT. KEEGAN PROSSER

You don’t get mentioned by name in a Daft Punk track, as Chicago-based DJ Green Velvet is, in “Teachers,” without having seriously schooled those Frenchies. The artist, also known as Cajmere, never achieved the height of fame of his “students,” but there’s a sense that his playful house music (like “Answering Machine” and “Preacher Man”) inspired the quirky voices the duo often wields, not to mention their use of sampling. Q Nightclub, 1426 Broadway, 432-9306. Doors at 2 a.m. $25/free with Decibel pass. 18 and over. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

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