Antwon’s Post-Everything Hip Hop at Chop Suey

Antwon is one of those artists who couldn’t really happen at any other time.

Delivery-wise, the guy sounds like a slightly hazier Notorious B.I.G., but beyond that, everything is kind of up in the air. Gleefully ripping genres up and stiching them back together with hemp thread, San Jose’s Antwon raps over dark industrial beats, shoegazey washes, and funky late 80s/early 90s house jams. He’s also collaborated with Kerry McCoy, the guitarist for “pink metal” band Deafheaven, to create the dreamy, post-rock hip hop number in the video above. That might explain his uber-metal t shirts.

Last night at Chop Suey, Antwon took to the stage and sweat his ass off, driving an audience member to buy the rapper a tequila shot out of sheer admiration. Antwon played the crowd, reminding Seattle that “tonight is a celebration of love and friendship” when the audience began loudly booing at the mention of Macklemore.

“I love you Seattle, but come on bruh, y’all are turnt right now with the negativity,” he preached, before cleansing the room by leading everyone in an a capella, Biz Markie style rendition of Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way.”

After Antwon, Le1f destroyed with his hyper-active booty numbers. If you’ve never seen Le1f perform before, imagine if Gumby was impecable at voguing. Wearing a giant button up shirt with a wolf emblazoned on the back, the rapper wiggled around on stage like he was made out of rubber, striking Paris is Burning poses that drove most couples in the room to make out.

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