Fin Fest: Lures and Kairos Release Beachy/Butt-Shakin’ New Singles

Local label Fin Records has been on a roll as of late. Last week they plopped Seacats’ poptacular opus into the world, and now they’re back for seconds.

First up, we have a new single from Lures, the groovy little surf ditty “Vacant.” The waves Lures ride aren’t sunshiney California Big Kahunas. No, these are dark and stormy Northwestern waves: cold, damp, and foggy. Picture Ian Curtis wearing an all black old-timey 1900s bathing suit, standing on the Olympic Peninsula, staring out at the ocean but never dipping his toes in because it’s way too chilly. Romantic, sad, and aqueous.

Rising from the ashes of Ambulance, the post-punk project the members used to perform under, Lures’ new tunes maintain the former project’s driving bass and glum tones but add a healthy heaping of beachy reverb guitar and skittering drums. It’s a wonderful new direction, and if the single’s B-Side “on tape” is any indication, the group are only growing. Excited to see what new stuff Lures fish out of the sea. Lures will be performing on Oct 29th at Barboza, so hang ten on over there.

Next up is the debut single from Kairos, the solo project of Seattle’s unreasonably prolific Lena Simon. You may know Lena from one of the 1,000,000 amazing projects she is involved in: Pollens, Tomten, Katie Kate, and Pillar Point. Well, now it’s Lena’s turn to do her own thing, and what a bumpin’ thing it is. “That Which Does Not” is a pop ‘n’ lock worthy electro-funk number that would likely make Prince shake his tiny, purple-clad butt. The lyrics are Prince worthy too, with Simon singing “What we’re after, is a feeeeeeling” with a too-cool-for-school croon. Kairos is playing on November 15th at Columbia City Theater, and is gearing up to release her debut EP early next year through Fin as well. Seattle could use more neon-lit night time jams, and it looks like Kairos is here to deliver just that.

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