Live Tonight: Charli XCX, Janelle Monae

Charli XCX At 21, pop/R&B singer Charlotte Aitchison is a music-biz veteran. Her first professional recordings came at age 14, and her name has been bandied about on music blogs since time immemorial (so, like, 2008). Her long-awaited sophomore album True Romance nicely bridges the gap between pleasure pop and electronic experimentation. With Kitten, Liz. Neumos. 8 p.m. $12 adv. ANDREW GOSPE

Janelle Monae pays attention to detail. You can see it in the way she presents herself: the crisp white tuxedo shirt and black slacks, perfectly coiffed hair often tucked beneath a porkpie hat. You can hear it in her songs: sultry vocals laid over a smorgasbord of sounds that bounce among funk, soul, jazz, and pop. Most of all, it’s in the elaborate production of her out-of-this-world live show, the ultimate packaging of her entertainment aesthetic. There, the successful universe the artist built on her debut EP, Metropolis: Suite I; her first studio album, The ArchAndroid; and now the critically acclaimed The Electric Lady is a cinematic, android-friendly realm of sensory overload, and an unparalleled live experience. Watching all these details come together onstage makes the 27-year-old artist’s recent Billboard nod—just ranked its 2013 Rising Star—a well-earned distinction. With Roman GianArthur. Showbox SoDo. 9 p.m. $27. All ages, bar 21 & over with ID. KEEGAN PROSSER

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