Live This Weekend: White Lung, Slayer, Curtains for You, and More

Friday, Nov. 1

White Lung Ironically, this Vancouver-based punk band wrote on its Facebook page earlier this month that this tour will likely be the last time it plays songs from its latest album, Sorry, which was released last year. The good news: The trio will soon be ready to head back into the studio to work on more material. With Antwon. Barboza. 7 p.m. $10. 21 and over. ACP

Grumpy Old Bear Records Showcase Brandon Lorrekovich, Art Lipatan, Andy Glover, and Grumpy Old Bear president Norm Bowler are scheduled to perform at this showcase, highlighting some of the area’s best acoustic pop. On the event’s Facebook page, there’s a hint that performers might team up for a song or two, so arrive early, stay late, and expect the unexpected. Café Racer. 9 p.m. Free. All ages until 11 p.m. ACP

The Dwarves It may be the day after Halloween, but Dwarves guitarist HeWhoCannotBeNamed will definitely still be in his costume: a Mexican wrestling mask and nothing else—well, besides his guitar. With Poison Idea, Toxic Holocaust, The Insurgence, Toe Tag. El Corazon. 8 p.m. $13 adv./$15 DOS. DL

Def Leprechaun is not a Def Leppard cover band comprising little people, but a Celtic bar band comprising old men from Nashville who play songs about “Galloway Girls,” mermaids, and getting sloshed Irish-style. When that little-people Def Leppard cover band does come through town, however, Seattle Weekly will be all over it. With The JV. Rendezvous. 10 p.m. $8. 21 and over. KELTON SEARS

Touché Amoré This show’s headliner is AFI, the soundtrack to many a 20-something’s high-school Hot Topic phase, but more interesting will be Los Angeles band Touché Amoré’s cathartic post-hardcore. September’s Is Survived By is an old-school emo throwback—raw, confessional, and melodic, but in a way that could appeal to adults, too. With Coming. Showbox at the Market. 8 p.m. SOLD OUT. All ages. AG

Curtains for You The pop duo led by the handsome and affable Gervais brothers bids itself adieu tonight. It’s for good reason. While the band has been filling Seattle clubs with its throwback harmonic power-pop songs and opening shows for bands including The Head and the Heart and the Posies, drummer Dave Lawrence has been working on his Ph.D. in fisheries. Despite the band’s skin-thwacking demands, he recently mounted a successful defense of his thesis, and is now on his way to some wonkish gig in Washington, D.C. Brothers Matt and Mike Gervais will continue with their strummier and mellower Mikey & Matty project, but tonight it’s curtains for Curtains for You. With Hannalee and Not Amy. Sunset Tavern. 9 p.m. $8. MARK BAUMGARTEN

Slayer Want to keep your Halloween hangover going? With 30-plus years of the hardest, fastest metal on the planet under its studded belt, Slayer will tear through classics as well as material from 2009’s World Painted Blood, which Pitchfork called “the best album to come from the Big Four of Thrash since the 1990s.” With Gojira, 4ARM. WaMu Theater, 800 Occidental Ave. S. 381-7555. 7:30 p.m. $40 adv./$45 DOS. DL

Saturday, Nov. 2

Gram Parsons Tribute Tuesday would have been Gram Parsons’ 67th birthday, and one can only imagine what all the cosmic musician would have accomplished by now if he hadn’t been cut down in 1973. Tonight Country Dave and a bar full of deeply indebted musicians will honor his memory by attempting to recreate the innovative mix of country, rock, and blues that the man created as a member of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers and on his own before his death at age 26. If you’ve got a Nudie suit, wear it. Conor Byrne. 9 p.m. Cover. MB

Sunday, Nov. 3

Buddy Guy Touring behind his latest record, the oh-so-apropos Rhythm and Blues, the last great representative of the fabled Chicago-based Chess Records is back to prove one thing and one thing only—you’re damn right he’s still got the blues! Snoqualmie Casino. 7 p.m. $40.55. CORBIN REIFF

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