Choose Your Own Adventure: AnDa Union, Iska Dhaaf, Weed

For noble Weekend Warriors looking for a righteous musical adventure tonight, there are a bounty of worthy quests for you to embark on.

CHOOSE WISELY, adventurer, for your potential musical path forks in three directions. To make your decision easier, I’ve identified which adventure classes are most compatible with each show. The choice is yours, but really, you can't go wrong tonight:

If you are more of a Mounted Knight, you should choose ANDA UNION:

AnDa Union hail from the horse filled steppes of the Mongolian grassland. This talented group of musicians play an assemblage of traditional Mongolian folk music, full of galloping drums, ethereal horse-head fiddle, and group throat singing. If you fancy yourself something of knight who rides a trusty steed, tonight’s concert is the perfect music to ride up a mountain amd slay a dragon. The group is on it’s own personal quest as well: they hope to reengage Mongol youths with their culture in a land where many have forgotten how to speak their own traditional languages. They hope to open a music bar in their homeland, where they will hang a golden wheel as a symbol of their strife. From the AnDa Union website: “I found an old golden wheel with half its spokes broken in an old dusty shop. It looks like a wheel that once turned the warrior carts of the great Mongol armies. I will hang this wheel in my bar as a warning to Mongolian people that our culture is broken and needs to be mended,” Saihanniya, the fiddler says. Bataar, the drummer adds,” young Mongolians like us now understand how important our culture is but maybe the next generation won’t care and we have to prevent this from happening.”

Meany Hall at UW, 8 p.m., $33-$38

If you are more of a Desert Rogue, you should choose ISKA DHAAF:

If you often find yourself wandering sun-bleached dunes and engaging in epic stealth operations under cloak and dagger, Iska Dhaaf is your band tonight. This punky two-piece are so sneaky, they kept their existance a secret for almost two years before revealing their desert ready debut single, “All The Kids.” Like the fiery phoenix, Iska Dhaaf was also raised from ashes, the new project from Ben Verdoes and Nathan Quiroga after their former projects Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band and Mad Rad crumbled. Tonight they are celebrating the music video and 7” release for their new single “Happiness.” To make things more magical, Hanna Benn has written special arrangements for Iska Dhaaf’s performance tonight. You may know Benn from her work as lead enchantress in Pollens , capable of singing notes mere humans cannot reach without the aid of magic.

Fremont Abbey, 7 p.m., $10

If you are more of a Shred Sorcerer, you should choose WEED:

It’s hard being a Shred Sorcerer sometimes. You try to drop into a halfpipe and your long flowing robe gets all caught up in your skateboard trucks—it’s just a mess. Named after that magical herb all wizards hold dearest, Vancouver B.C.’s Weed will cure what ails you by getting you to fist pump your spellcasting hand in the air like you just don’t care. Weed’s debut album, Deserve, out on local imprint Couple Skate records, is a blissful, grunged out record written with heroics in mind. The amount of shred Weed conjures on lead track “Heal” is near illegal by wizarding law, full of triumphant gnar-guitar and fuzzy banshee screams that harkens back to the sludgy days of 90s Northwest.

Heartland, 8 p.m., $TBD

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