Dude York Perfect the Strangle Shout on New Track, “Cannibal”

The strangle shout is the perfect middle ground between angry and goofy—pioneered by nutcases like Black Francis and Isaac Brock who unleashed their rage by screaming about slicing up eyeballs and Orange Julius.

On “Cannibal,” the first single from Dude York’s upcoming record, lead singer/guitarist Peter Richards enters those hallowed strangled halls with his own wonderfully yelptastic rantings. “When I get what I want, you can bet that I’m a cannibal,” he bleats over triumphant heavy guitar riffage.

It’s one of the best tracks Dude York has released so far, hopefully indicative of more epic good-times shred to come on Dehumanize, due out January 28.

The group are releasing the album on Help Yourself Records, the local upstart that also put out Chastity Belt’s No Regerts. “Cannibal” sounds a lot like Chastity Belt’s higher-energy tunes from their first releases, which makes sense since Dude York’s Peter Richards and Andrew Hall provided the rhythm section on the band’s appropriately named second EP Dude.

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