New Helms Alee Track 'Tumescence' Is The Merriam-Webster Definition of 'Heavy'

According to Wikipedia, Tumescence:

"...refers to the normal engorgement with blood (vascular congestion) of the erectile tissues, marking sexual excitation and possible readiness for sexual activity."

If Helms Alee is trying to arouse the men and women of Seattle with its new song, it's working. The debut track from the band's upcoming record Sleepwalking Sailors is a hot beef injection of heavy. Rumbling war drums beat out a menacing path underneath shimmering Guitar Hero hammer-ons and ungodly howling.

"Tumescence" looks like it might not be the only track aiming to sex-up listeners. Sleepwalking Sailors' tracklist also includes songs like "Pleasure Center," "Heavy Worm Burden" and "Slow Beef V." This is looking to be some sensual shred.

Between this track and Sandrider's crushing new album last week, it seems like Seattle is ushering in a new era of rawk.

Sleepwalking Sailors:

1. Pleasure Center
2. Tumescence
3. Pinniped
4. 4 Dangling Modifiers
5. Heavy Worm Burden
6. Crystal Gale
7. New West
8. Fetus Carcass
9. Slow Beef V
10. Animatronic
11. Dodge The Lightning

Out February 11 on Sargent House

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