Happy Twerky Day! Wait...What?

First, a quick question: What’s the sexiest part of the turkey? The breast, thigh, or wing?

I mean, I get it! Whoever coined the expression “Twerky Day” definitely deserves a prize. Its cultural context is current (Twerking is IN), timely (Thanksgiving is TOMORROW), and clever (he he). Kudos to you, Twerky Day Name Generator, whoever you may be.

I hope it was not you who conceived of this image to brand the eponymous DJ event tonight at Barboza. Thing is, I’m totally pro-twerk. Nothing wrong with the dance craze. It’s great. LOVE IT!

Here’s the thing. Guys twerk too. Like, when Big Freedia played Neumos last week, for instance, and dudes were twerking just as hard as the ladies. So why is it that what we see here, a faceless, twerking human-turkey hybrid, with horrifying crown roast caps for feet, is clearly a Miley Cyrus lookalike?

Is this because, through the event now known as Miley Cyrus and the MTV Music Video Awards, the controversial pop star first introduced the dance style to the masses? Or is it because women, long objectified for their body parts (breasts, butts, thighs) are the natural go-to for this kind of branding, reduced to nameless objects available for consumption?

Many are quick to blame Cyrus for perpetuating such objectification, but Robin Thicke, a 36-year old married father, played his part too, for allowing the 20-year-old to, as he puts it, “twerk upon” him. “That’s on her,” he says in this clip from Oprah. Unfortunately, shrugging off the issue, as Thicke is more than eager to do, isn’t making it go away.

So, in the spirit of a truly egalitarian Twerky Day, this pic is offensive on, like, a million different levels.

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